Final Fantasy VII Remake

I love this game so much. It’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassing.

I’m ridiculously biased as I love the original immensely and being able to play this version is just an amazing experience for me. My full review of FF7 and the Remake is basically this: it makes me happy and I adore it. But I’m not here to write a “proper” review, of course.

My problem is that I want to B I N G E this game. Which is absolutely not possible. FF7R is playable if Spawn’s distracted or sleeping unless she’s in the right kind of mood to find it interesting, which is rarely, but when it does happen I have a very cute cheerleader saying things like “Mummy fighting the monster!” to make me feel like I’m doing something good. Yeah, Mummy’s fighting the monster. Yeah, Mummy’s going to blow up a reactor.

Being able to swap languages is always a good thing; I’m currently playing in English because that way I can look away briefly even if someone’s talking on the screen. Pausing even during combat and cutscenes helps a lot. Prior to Lilith I didn’t really care about whether games would let me pause but now it’s super useful. For obvious reasons.

Lilith can identify and name Cloud and Tifa, so I think I’m doing alright at this parenting thing. Teaching her what’s important in life. She might have learnt a few swear words when I was fighting Reno because he destroyed me during the first encounter.

In Summary

Totally playable, but tricky for binge playing or if you want to super immerse yourself like I do.


  • Lilith is annoyed that you can’t pet all the cats and dogs in the game and I second this motion. Please remedy ASAP @ SquareEnix.
  • I absolutely suck ass at playing the Dart minigame at 7th Heaven.
  • A dumb sidenote: My friend messaged me to ask how far I’d gotten in the game, and I accidentally replied to my sister instead because I was talking to her at the same time, so I randomly told her “I just blew up the reactor and made my escape, on my way to the train station now” which confused her a little. Payback for the time she called me to talk about a school bus she stole, without clarifying she was on about GTA, I guess?
  • I was actually gifted this game by an awesome friend and I will never be able to thank him enough ♡

I wrote a post about the demo as well, with some brief thoughts about it!




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