I tried playing Skyrim when The Spawn was around a year old or so, but it was impossible unless she was napping because I could only play in little 1-5 minute bursts (she did not let me go on the desktop PC), which was just frustrating so I dropped it. Since she’s older now, and I have a gaming laptop, I decided to give it another go, and finally play Special Edition which I’ve had gathering dust on my Steam account for years.

First of all, I’m apparently physically unable to play Skyrim without modding it to the high heavens. Spawn climbed all over me and kicked me in the face several times while I tried to get my mods set up. Off to a good start!

I started off playing with her sitting in my lap, and she kept grabbing my hand and taking it off the mouse. I thought it was because she wanted my attention but it turned out she thought it was some kind of game; I tried to explain to her that the only game we were playing was Skyrim but she didn’t agree.

We later got attacked by some wolves and I had to put them on fire to survive (to which she exclaimed “BYE BYE, DOG!”). Eventually, I stole a horse and she was happy, because horses excite her. It inevitably deserted us though, and her interest in Skyrim kind of dropped significantly.

When she’s next to me, I avoid caves that might have falmer in them. Because the falmer’s got some The Descent (the movie; bad for my claustrophobic ass) vibes, and scare the shit out of me, and I don’t want to traumatise my child with my embarrassing fear. Who am I kidding, I don’t just avoid falmer caves when I play with her: I’m a coward.

I can pause anywhere, any time, even in combat, which is a massive plus. If I leave my laptop for too long while Skyrim is paused, it crashes, which is a massive minus.

Skyrim can be very pretty though, and Spawn enjoys just looking at the landscape (especially if there are non-agressive animals), and she loves the music. We sometimes play Skyrim ambient music (like this super relaxing 10h video) for her to help getting her to sleep.

TL;DR: Spawn 1 year: No. Spawn 2 years: yes
Bonus for relaxing ambient music and environments to help her sleep. <3




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