The Sims 4

Full disclosure: I don’t really “play” Sims; I just like building houses – don’t judge me!

My fiancée literally bought me this out of pity. Because I was so whiny sad? about not being able to play anything at the time, and he realised I needed something I could play casually, where I couldn’t get killed or miss cutscenes due to baby distractions (looking at you, FFXV).

I hadn’t played a Sims game since when my sister and I used to binge play The Sims and The Sims 2 in the early 2000s. But I was hype for building some fancy homes.

Ideally, I’d play The Sims on a computer, but I didn’t use to have a gaming laptop, and The Spawn refused to let me sit by the PC. Playing on console is a bit more limited: the controls are less flexible and it took me a while to get used to them.

The Sims games are super child friendly, so I don’t have to worry about any scary content while The Spawn climbs all over me, and sits on my shoulders as I play. When she was younger, she didn’t really pay attention at all, but now she’s really fond of the Cats&Dogs expansion pack; whenever my Sims looks after their pets she’ll get super excited and do animal noises. It’s adorable.

She does sometimes try to grab the controller off me, but the worst thing that’s happened because of her during build mode is awkward placement of furniture, and one time she deleted a staircase.

I do need to remember to not leave my Sims completely on autopilot while in live mode, though: last time I left my Sims to their own devices completely to play with Spawn for a while, I came back to discover my vampire wife had gone for a jog in the sun and died. I brought her back as a ghost (obviously), and I now have a vampire ghost wife who, for some reason, still needs to drink blood. We keep her urn on the fireplace. It’s romantic.

Moral of the story: jogging sucks.


As Lilith got older (she’s 4 now) she started getting really invested in the life of my characters and (more specifically) their pets. It’s reached the point where I mostly play Sims if she’s not home so she’ll let me build my house(s) in peace without her trying to steal the controller so she can play.

– January 2022





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